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Revealing the Development Roadmap and Design Decisions
2 days ago – Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 02:05:18 AM

Development Roadmap - August 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to the release of our development roadmap - August 2019, where you can see what we're planning to work on and release each month. There might be minor changes, small update releases, or some deviation through each passing month but this is the roadmap that we'll try to stick to in our development until the end of Q2 2020. You can read further about each decision and plans we’ve made during these months after our campaign ended. Now, let's take a look at the development roadmap itself.

Project timeline!

So, the most important question... or the second most to some, is: "When is the full release of the game?" To answer that, we can say that we expect the project to still be in Early access by the end of 2020 itself. This is due to the sheer amount of contents that we decided to work on and the stretch goals that we've reached but we'll continue working on all of it diligently we promise.

What we are looking to working onward to that point is completing the first part of the game for everybody. What we mean by that is we need to have every type of contents for everyone to look forward to. That is why we put Multiplayer which will take months to complete right in the middle of the single player story, but only after half of the missions are done (there is planned 26 story missions).

For the other important Question, read on!

Early Access Release!

Alright, we'll tell you right here right now. We're sorry that we need to push Early Access release back... to second week of September, frankly 13 September, 2019. 2 weeks later than we expected due to some stuffs on the Steam side that required us to send in a build 2 weeks in advance for Early Access approval (we didn't knew about it so if Steam allows the game to be released earlier then cheers!)

So what was adjusted during these months of development? Here is a list to read through.


  • Tech Abilities: We have released the new development tree with a revamped Tech nodes. They now house special skills that would activate when slotted into your M.A.S.S. Architectures as well as unlock some mechanics of the game itself. We believe this will provide more depth into customization and would help players realize their fantasies better. Please tell us what you think about this new feature so we can improve on it!
  • Glows - If you've been following our updates, you might have already seen it. As largely requested, a glow feature has been added into paint customization. You can now make each part of an armor or a weapon shine lights or resemble a beam weapon itself. Hope you'll like it!
  • New enemies, bosses, and difficulties - We've been bombarded with feedbacks on our enemies' types, AI, and looks, so we improved them all alongside providing new enemies. They are now more vicious and cunning, looks better (remember the glow feature? yeah Quarks also have access to them), and much more challenging with the difficulty levels (it works now!) as well.
  • New Missions - We're releasing a continuation of the story missions in the game's chapter 1. You can now play through the first six missions of the game where things are starting out, learning about the world and Quarks, forging alliances and fighting in various areas. The total number of missions right now is 6 from a total of 26 planned.
  • Hunting Grounds - These are optional mission offers by NPCs of the world. They have no effects or links to the story and will provide you with a place where you can test out the power of your M.A.S.S. The main mission of these hunting grounds will be to destroy all the Quarks in the area without much thought. Go on, RAMPAGE!
  • Added an option to invert X-Axis for camera controls
  • Added an option to toggle Motion Blur on/off (Default is "ON")
  • Added an option to toggle Volumetric Fog on/off (Default is "OFF")
  • The Vanguard Armor - A new starter armor set has been added into the game as a default armor set for all players.
  • New weapon parts - We have added around 60+ weapon parts for players to utilize and play with. They're distributed between all weapon types.


  • All features (and customizations) now support Joy Stick Controller.
  • We have added video clips into the Help Menu so that players can have an easier time to see how each feature can be utilized and how things work. They're work in progress though and will continued to be update with each change to the systems.


  • For more realism and in consideration of future modes of play, we have now limited the amount of weapons that can be brought into battles. You can unlock more slots for each of them through the Architect nodes. Please give us feedback on how do you think of this restriction.
  • The calculations of magazines and ammo have been changed to create a pool where each type of shooters will pull from. The more shooters you bring into battle, the less stock you will have for them.
  • We have also restricted some features behind Architect nodes and players will need to unlock them first before seeing their effects. These include showing items in the minimap, items magnet, damage property setting, enemy weakness info, and etc.
  • The option to Invert Camera Axis will also affect Customization.
  • Lower Booster speed by a bit for easier controls in aiming and movement. We also add motion blur into using the booster and turning.
  • Altered camera range and angle so players have a better time in looking and targeting large enemies.
  • Increased Custom Color Palettes to 12 slots.
  • Frame, armor, and weapons' weight will have more effect on a M.A.S.S. speed.


  • Bug fix on how sometimes, players cannot move after shooting their bullet launchers and activating an object.
  • Most visual bugs on the UI are fixed.

Upcoming updates

Upcoming Contents

  • Armors - We are planning to release at least 1 armor set per major update. However, we need to first revisit old ones to give players more distinctive choices or designs to make when using what is available. 
  • Weapons - In the first few updates, we are planning to make an overhaul for ranged weapon designs with additional firing types coming into play such as constant beam or spread shots. We are also looking towards reworking old CC weapons so they can perform differently from each other in terms of speed and range.
  • Missions - We look forward to release at least 2 new story missions alongside a hunting grounds release every major update. These take time to create with us looking to focus and make each story mission contain some distinctive mechanics that will challenge players more and more with progress.
  • Suggested and Requested Contents - For those that have not known, many of us have been lurking in the M.A.S.S. Builder Discord hosted by Sekai Games. Believe me when I say we're always reading and listening to your thoughts on how you'd like development to progress, what kind of things you'd like to see in the game, how the game could be better with some changes. We have always been considering them as a part of our usual meeting and as you might've seen, a lot of them have been present in the game. You know who you guys are that suggested those things. We always like to read your discussions so I can say nothing more except "Please continue with your feedbacks, it's what we wanted." 
  • Exclusive DLC Decals and Weapons - To be honest, we wanted to release them by the time of Early Access but with all the reworks and requested types, we are still unsure when we could work on these things. Decals might be earlier than expected and unplanned in some of the early 2020 major updates but for weapons, we'll need to ship them later, like when all the dual-wielding stuffs gets done (since we know you wanted exclusive dual-wielding weapons) and that required a new control system to work with. 
  • Armors and Weapons Design Reworks - This might come as a surprise for many of you but we've decided we wanted to rework some of the older armor parts to make them more distinct for a better customization option as well as to help you guys out before the Accessory feature comes out. For comparison purposes, please look at the image below for the "Before" and "After" here.

Upcoming Systems and Features

Photography mode - This is a mode that will allow players to set poses and take a nice image of their M.A.S.S. just for artistic or any purposes. It's a feature we wanted to finish before releasing our Early Access build but frankly, we wanted to finish polishing some other places first so we need to hold it back for now.

Remember me? Coming soon!
Remember me? Coming soon!

Multiplayer modes and PvP - As we've discussed in our campaign, we will be working first on our PvP mode. Tell you the truth, we have been preparing for it and constantly trying to find the best possible time solution for the mode since it will take us an extremely large amount of time to finish the mode. It's like we're re-writing the whole game itself as our design direction for the game in its core PVE mode is to make players feel they are strong against a strong enemy with an AI that works on a dynamic pattern. In PvP, there are a large amount of systems that we cannot use (looking at you, lock-on targeting) as well as a lot of numbers that needed to be tweaked so that there is a semblance of balance in the game.

It will take us at least 4 months to finish the system, and while that is happening, almost all of our human resources will not be able to work on some other parts. That is why we decided to complete at least half of the PvE we are planning on (13 story missions, end of chapter 2 from a total of 26 missions and 5 chapters) before working on the PvP system in March. We will be constantly push out more armor and weapon parts during those time though so a major update of parts in May will still happen.

Preview of a multiplayer lobby
Preview of a multiplayer lobby

Accessories and other Frames - This is a higher tier of customization where players can add various things onto a part, like spikes, vents, nubs, etc. They are in the priority work list be we've decided to suspend development of the system for now until we're able to have more hands to work on the thing as well as we have enough armor sets, which should be after Multiplayer is done. We will release another roadmap for the latter half of the year that will address the accessories system as well as some other frames.

Achievements Systems - We had already a planned achievement systems and we already keep track of all your plays and everything. However, we don't want achievements to be just a decoration to your steam profile but something that you can show off to others. This will be done through an in-game rewards system that will give you things like special locked decals or parts that can only be unlocked by completing an achievement (such as destroying over 1,000 Quarks). Be prepared!

Quarks Evolution System - Where did this come from? What is it? Frankly, it's a new system we thought of when reading along your feedbacks about our enemies and something we thought appropriate. Quarks will be able to transform into a stronger version of themselves on a minimal chance where they will have improved AI, stronger attacks, and new special moves. You want challenge? We'll give you challenge. The higher the difficulty of the mission, the higher the chance you'll face them.

Voice Actings - These will be added into the game after at least chapter 2 is stabilized and every dialogue line is finalized. Please wait for it with bated breath. We'll try to get the best voice and voice lines for each and every NPC available.

Backer Created Contents

We've just received the whole collected documents of all our backer's request (Decals, NPCs, etc.) at the end of this backerkit so we're just starting our work on them. With that said, most decals will not take a long time to work on so we'll get them in the game ASAP, which is by our first major update in November. For those that we need to fix them with you backers, we will need to delay them into the second major update we've planned in January instead. For those that have any problems in sending in theirs or did not receive any notifications, you can contact us directly, provide us with a proof of your backer tier with decals, and we'll guide you through the process of making it.

For NPCs, we will look through each of them and see where could we fit you in, write a short story for them, and have a talk if you'd like it there personally. They'll be constantly added into the game with releases on the Major Updates. We'll try to get a place for them into the game as soon as we can finalize everything with you.

For old backers from the Indiegogo campaign that have not yet received a mail regarding your creation ideas, please mail us directly at our e-mail info@v-dgt.com so we can sort things out for you ASAP. For those that backed us for the digital keys, don't worry, we still got a list of you and we'll send out the keys as soon as we can generate them for you.

WIP Update: More weapons customization
9 days ago – Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 02:43:33 AM

Hello everyone! Here is a collection of new shooter parts we're working on, courtesy of trying to finish them before Early Access build. There'll be new methods of firing and new types of bullets and energy types that will be different from what was shown in the demo as we've been trying all sorts of functionalities and shooting methods and we hope you'll come to like them. Remember, there's a big announcement next week!

Pre-order now: https://bit.ly/33oQix9

WIP Update: Glows and Beams
15 days ago – Sun, Aug 04, 2019 at 02:24:42 AM

Welcome back everyone for another update. This time we're featuring a very much requested feature for customization effects, GLOWS. We've been reading lots and lots of messages through every means and we wanted to push this feature out as soon as possible before the EA build is locked.

From the image shown here, you might only think that some parts can be utilised but actually, EVERY parts can have these glow effects. You can even make your whole M.A.S.S. have glowing and shining colors, like GOLDEN SHINING *wink*

On another note, it's only a few weeks now until our Early Access release and we hope you'll be able to wait for it for a bit more! We'll have something to tell you guys about it on the coming 17th!

WIP Update: New Bullet Launchers Models
23 days ago – Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 03:17:33 AM

Hello everyone, we are back this week with another small update for the upcoming early access build. We've been working on more and more weapons to be added into the game as requested by our players and are planning to work on much more before Early Access hits around the end of August.

Hopefully, we'll be able to satisfy you backers that have been helping us throughout the days with all your discussions, suggestions, and encouraging words. For now, here's a look into some new bullet launchers with more methods to fire your exploding projectiles. This will not be all of it, and we hope you have some plans ready for them soon! 

We'll keep updating you guys with more exciting content soon! Stay tuned and if there's any questions, feel free to hit us up in the discord servers or through our social media!

WIP: Void Crystal Model
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 03:06:32 AM

Back again with a small update this week, featuring a construct of the void, of the Quarks' mysterious powers. 

These Void Crystals are said to be formed under great concentration of void particles of the Quarks. They'll be empowering Quarks, breaking the limits of the unknown and making them a serious threat to you and the world.

Thankfully, they aren't that hard to destroy, but beware of your surroundings as all Quarks will try to protect these Void Crystals at all costs.