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WIP: Patch Notes 0.3.0 and Release Date
6 days ago – Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 02:49:35 AM

Hello everyone, we're here to announce the date of the upcoming patch 0.3.0 release as well as the patch notes on what you'll be getting to play with. The patch will drop on March 7th. The amount of things we're adding here proved to be much larger than we thought thus it'll be a week later than what we first planned, and we ask for your understanding. Now, what has changed? You can read about them below.


  • Quantum Break: Players will be able to activate the Quantum Break modes, a short burst of extreme power-ups by continually attacking with close combat and hold down a Quantum Break button. There are four forms to choose from, each specializing in a playstyle or a situation.
  • Guarding: Players will now be able to hold up their guard if equipped with a shield, reducing a large portion of incoming damage as another defense mechanism (aside from boosting to dodge attacks). Guards are quick to deploy and will slow players down a bit while it is active. Guarding will reduce all incoming damage, with directional guarding receive much more reduction from the direction you're facing.
  • Dual Weapons Stance: The first phase of dual weapons is completed to a level we can have players play around with it. Players will now be able to turn all close combat grips into dual weapons of the same looks and functionalities.
  • Added a large number of tech and architecture nodes in regards to new features such as Quantum Break customization, guarding customization, and dual attacks that would improve close combat further in conjunction with the power-based nodes.
  • Added the lore archives where players can read a summarization of the stories they've played through, the histories of the world and the M.A.S.S. technology, information about Quarks, and many more.
  • Added new extended combo paths for close combat, unlocked by nodes in the Engine and OS development tree.
  • Added 1 new story mission and 1 new hunting grounds into the game. The hunting grounds will be a bit different than what you've faced before.
  • Added first batch player decals into the game, thank you for your support through our Kickstarter campaign!
  • Added some UI and Help menu localization into the game for Japanese and Thai language through the courtesy of our publisher. More languages to follow later.
  • Added new close combat weapon grips.
  • Added shields into the game for guarding.
  • Added a sorting feature into tuning mode.
  • Added new types of enemies into the game.
  • Added a weapon trail customization option, players can now select the colors for the visual effects of a weapon as well as their property damages.


  • Improved and new icons for clarifications on the development nodes icons.
  • Improved the VFX of various buffs for more clarity when they are applied.
  • Improved the VFX of property effects when applied onto an enemy.
  • Improved development nodes positioning for better clarity of the whole development tree.
  • Improved many of the game's soundtracks into original soundtracks. More will come and eventually, M.A.S.S. Builder will have its own OST library to listen to.
  • Improved sound effects of some weapons and other ambients.
  • The photography mode has been improved with new functions including showing shields, having a reversed grip, and much more.
  • Improved close combat attack flows and movesets, now the various grip/assaulter will have differing animation in combination with each other. These are the stances we currently have based on how your weapons are customized:
  • OneHandSword
  • OneHandKnife
  • OneHandHammer
  • OneHandAxe
  • OneHandTwinSword
  • OneHandTwinHammer
  • OneHandKatar
  • OneHandKnuckle
  • BothHandSpear
  • BothHandMace
  • BothHandScythe
  • BothHandHalberd
  • BothHandTwinSpear
  • BothHandTwinMace
  • DualHandSword
  • DualHandKnife
  • DualHandHammer
  • DualHandAxe
  • DualHandTwinSword
  • DualHandTwinHammer
  • DualHandKatar
  • DualHandKnuckle
  • DualHandSpear
  • DualHandMace
  • DualHandScythe
  • DualHandHalberd
  • DualHandTwinSpear
  • DualHandTwinMace


  • Adjusted some development nodes levels for future nodes.
  • Adjusted property damages - now displaying property weaknesses, more clarity on the visual effects, better status effects, and introduced new nodes in the Architecture tree that would help with the property damage playstyle.
  • Adjusted all enemies' property damage resistance.
  • Increased "Spread" firing type damage by 50%, people have been asking us to improve its accuracy but we think improving its damage output and keeping the whole large spread is a better choice for the firing type called "Spread."

Adjusted the Architecture tree by the following:

  • Pressurized Gears: from 200%/300% damage to 300%/400% damage
  • Hyperspeed Thrusters is changed to a new node that decreases Fuel Burn Rate by a percentage
  • Created new architect nodes for property damage playstyle and moved old nodes to the property damage tech line
  • Some tech nodes' designs are adjusted to change a playstyle drastically. Some will not be able to be used at the current tech tier lock but you can see them.

 Bug Fixes

  • Critical bug crash on startup and on fullscreen have been fixed. 
  • Unable to locking/unlock targets while in-air bug is fixed.
  • Hunting Grounds freeze on entering (game still runs but doesn't enter loading screen) bug fixed.
  • Fixed FPS loss bugs through better optimization, some graphical features might still cause a recurrence and we suggest not enabling them if the problem persists.
  • Fixed various typos and some nodes displaying wrong numbers
  • A lot of other minor bug fixes

Known but unfixed bugs

  • Some decals and/or patterns are behaving weirdly, we've known how they are but fixing it will take time and it's a minor bug thus we decided to leave it for now.

WIP: Shields and Guarding
12 days ago – Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 12:41:40 AM

Hello everyone! Time for another weekly WIP update, this time looking at the up and coming Shields and Guarding system. We're introducing a new type of equipment, shields, into the game as an off-hand for close-combat weapons. They are customizable and we'll be sure to add more customizations when more content drops. 

On shield activation or "guarding", it provides a very hefty damage reduction at the cost of slower movement and fuel recharge, and players can actively guard at any moment they see an attack is coming. We also have added in development nodes that can modify some aspects of guarding. We hope this will provide another depth of fun and complexity to combat.

WIP: New Development Nodes
20 days ago – Sat, Feb 08, 2020 at 01:24:00 AM

Hello everyone, on today's weekly updates of how we're progressing, we'd like to show you the up and coming updated development nodes that we have re-adjusted a lot of things like swapping places and buffing less-used nodes. 

We have also added into the trees, nodes where you can unlock new and extended combo attacks, dual wielding, and the Quantum Break modes as well as corresponding trees that will allow you all to customize how things work for each of them. There is also a new tree for active shields, as they are coming together with the close combat rework, and we do hope you'll all like it, but if there's anything you'd like to say regarding them, feel free to chime in through the steam discussions or our discord here and we'll read through it accordingly!

Also, here's a sneak peek on the localizations by courtesy of our publisher Sekai Games... as well as improvements in English! We're also looking to get into Chinese and maybe Spanish...?

WIP: Quantum Break Mode
27 days ago – Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 02:01:50 AM

Hello everyone, today we're showing a new #massbuildergame feature that will be added in the next patch update. This is a new system for close combat only where players will collect charges through close combat attacks, getting a full charge and spending them to enter into Quantum Break mode for a limited amount of time.

It'll boost your status to an extreme amount with four forms to choose from on use, you do not need to set them up and they'll be available through development unlocking so save up your materials and credits in preparation for the update!

WIP: Property damages VFX
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 12:08:20 AM

Time for another #screenshotsaturday for #massbuildergame. This week, we're showing you new VFX for property damages. It'll also reflect the color of the trails you've customized.

For clarification, HEAT damage will burn your enemies with damage over time, FREEZE damage will lock your enemies in place, and SHOCK damage will increase the damage they take. We will be updating and reworking the tuning architects and techs for them so expect to read more about them on the upcoming patch soon!

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